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Interesting article to share: Teaming up with Archaeologists ...

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    Interesting read, thanks for the link.

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    Good article and basic common sense.... England has had a relationship with MD'rs for years.... Cheers, RickO

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    Interesting article in a personal way.
    My property was a large farm until 1870, it was sold off into several parcels.
    There is a large and old trash mound in one spot, my Wife and I would 'poke around' in it found old beer bottles dating to 1870, wagon wheel hubs, old shoes etc. Lot of old Mason Jars with the ceramic lid.

    Well, I had a friend over who just happened to be close friend with an Archeology Professor at a University an hour away.
    Professor ended up bring 25 of his students!
    They spent a 3 day weekend, it was painstaking as they set up a maze of 4" nails and string, marked it off every 6 square inches. Every handful of dirt was sifted trough a small screen, every pottery fragment tagged and bagged with its location on the grid.

    Professor told me that was the most artifacts he ever saw in this area!
    They are still in the process of cleaning, and trying to identify all of it.
    It is a mound several feet high, 15x20 feet or so.
    They barely scratched the surface.
    That was 2 summers ago and he wants to come back; I'll get a copy of their findings when they are completed.
    P.S. He wants to get started in metal detecting, which is a past time of mine, found some nice coins on my old 'Homestead'.
    I'll have to get around to posting them, my Wife 'Swears there is buried treasure' all I needed to hear to get her blessing for a high end machine!!!!!!

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    Yep... buried treasure exists.... more than most people realize. Just a matter of finding it. You might try to research the history of your property.. that often reveals information that is both surprising and helpful. Cheers, RickO

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    Great story Preciousmental!
    Thanks for sharing it.
    Sounds like you have a very good case for investing in a better quality detector from my point of view.

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    I went to my courthouse several years ago to look at the original leather bound (HUGE) of plat maps and such, was fun and informative.
    As for the detector, I upgraded to a Garrett 2500 GTI about 3 years ago, still have my GT 350 as well.
    Thought I hit the jackpot a couple years ago.
    Had a real deep hit, dug about 18", found a bunch of softball size rocks in a 1 foot circle with a flat rock on top, like a dome shape.
    There were some scraps of leather, I was hoping from a small purse....
    Found a couple IHC, forget the years, both are the same date...
    Getting 'Swing Fever' already!

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    @PRECIOUSMENTAL... that is intriguing... strange that there was nothing else... Cheers, RickO


    Yep, I'd thought that I detected 'The Mother Lode'.

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    I read a story similar to that years ago on another MD forum.... same scenario, dug down, ring of rocks with cover.... but he found a trove of coins.... I forget how much, but gold, silver etc... even called his wife to bring containers.... it was an amazing story. Cheers, RickO


    61 and sunny where I live, way above average, getting my last bit of work done, then off to do some detecting.

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    Good luck...hope you find silver....... Cheers, RickO

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