What's The Best Scanner For Imaging Baseball Cards?

I'm buying a new one and would appreciate help in getting the sharpest image possible, especially on the corners of cards. What's the best make and model? Thanks.


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    I'm kinda partial to Epson. I have an Epson Perfection V300 Photo model that I picked up a few years ago based on feedback from other forum members, and I love it.

    The best thing about it is that it scans cards in the thicker slabs well (like SGC)...


    And of course, raw cards come out well too...


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  • I am also looking for a scanner. From what I have read so far the CCD scanning technology seems to be the way to go.
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    I also use the Epson V300. Nice scanner.

  • I use the Epson Perfection V500 Photo. I've scanned thousands of cards and it has never let me know. I think the key is to scan the cards at 300dpi.

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    I have the Epson V37

    work great except for the new shinny cards
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    I also have an Epson and recommend it. My model is an Epson Perfection V200 Photo and it's worked well for me for over 8 years.

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    I have a Canon Canoscan 9000 F Mark II and have been very pleased with it's performance.
  • anyone know if there is a EPSON "V" model that has a VERY LARGE SURFACE AREA scanner???

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    Wife got me a V550 for Xmas and I couldn't be happier with it! Scan area is 8.5x11.7. Not sure if that's large enough for all of your needs or not...

  • I ordered a Epson V600 and received it today. It's hooked to my computer already and I love it. Still don't know about image quality yet as I haven't edited any yet, but did some slides for my brother that came out ok. Will let you all know more later tonight.

  • Epson like others suggested. I have the v500 and 250 or 300 resolution is perfect!

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    I love my new Epson Perfection V6000 Photo. As far as I've noticed on mine, resolution isn't so critical. Plus, the colors seem so bright and vivid; in reality I haven't had a scanner which made the colors so bright. I'm going to try to get an example of one of my cards. It's Bernie Williams Score rookie.

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    Well, I was wanting the front. Let's see if I can make it right.

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    Another try.

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    Go to the PSA Registry Set forum...almost to the bottom is a lengthy discussion on scanners under the heading "scanner tips"...you'll learn more than you ever wanted to know.

    I have an Epson Perfection V600, IMO, a perfect machine to capture both raw and slabbed.

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    Actually, about half way down...

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    Is there a good scanner that is wireless? They way my office is set-up I need a wireless.

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    Any solid scanners fit 6 graded cards on the bed?

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    Epson V300 +1 it is the best!

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    Has anyone used the Epson V600 and the Canon 9000f? I have the 9000f but have heard good things about the V600. Does anyone have thoughts on a comparison?


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    I have had my V600 for a couple of months now and scan at 350 dpi, some scans.

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    @Largentcollector said:
    I have had my V600 for a couple of months now and scan at 350 dpi, some scans.

    Nice looking scans. I just purchased a V600. What are you using for settings and how do you scan (lid up in a dark room or black background behind the card)? Do you use sharpening in the Epson software, if so which of the 3 levels?


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    I was looking into a Fujitsu feed scanner which I heard somebody has scanned 25,000 cards in an 8 hour period. This product is really good for lower end cards like base, rcs, inserts and parallels. Thicker stock items such as relics and graded cards won't work with this one.

    Well why not here is a YouTube video to provide more info of using one of the scanners, coupled with a software program and the ability to put stuff right on eBay too.

  • V600 for me. Beats anything HP has to offer.

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