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Digging through old finds

ZotZot Posts: 825 ✭✭✭
With no chance to detect this time of year, I was digging through some old finds, hoping to find relics I'd forgotten about, or perhaps some coins worthy of putting into 2x2s.
I have plenty of stuff I've stashed away and haven't looked at in years.

I came across a Laphroaig single malt container that rattled and was rather heavy.
Ha! Coins!

Nope, it contained keys. 123 of them to be exact.

Most are modern, common keys, but a couple of them are a bit older.
I've always liked finding keys. In many ways I think they're more fun to find than modern coins.

Here's this "find among finds":

Minelab: GPX 5000, Excalibur II, Explorer SE. White's: MXT, PI Pro


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