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My 1960 set in progress

BrickBrick Posts: 4,938 ✭✭✭✭✭
I was showing my progress in completing 1960 Topps Baseball in PSA 8 on another forum which is no longer with us. I have been working on it many years. I have 528/572 in PSA 8, another 29 in PSA holders in lesser condition and 9 others raw. Finishing this set is on my bucket list. I think I will finish the set in lesser condition but the undertaker will probably get me before I get the final PSA 8. This is my latest addition.
[URL=http://s395.photobucket.com/user/rsrhodessr/media/60 391_zpsnmcz33zm.jpeg.html]image[/URL]
Collecting 1960 Topps Baseball in PSA 8




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