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Christmas Hunt!

pcgs69pcgs69 Posts: 4,244 ✭✭✭✭
Never expected that a late December hunt was possible outside of a salt water beach. The weather has been super warm here (like many other places), so I just had to get out for a couple hours.

There's a place close to home that's loaded with new change, with the possibility of silver coins, so figured that was worth a shot. There are just coins signals everywhere, but most are shallow. Ended up cherry picking dime and quarter signals.

Got two wheat cents. Before this, was stuck at 449, so it was nice to hit 450 for the year.

Ended with:

45 cents

7 nickels

30 dimes

17 quarters

It will be a little cooler tomorrow but want to try an older spot. Have a few spots in mind. Just have to pick one out. HH all!

Last day of hunting for the year since 2009

2009: Dec 5th

2010: Dec 10th

2011: Dec 3rd

2012: Dec 8th

2013: Dec 7th

2014: Dec 15th (was at a salt water area)

2015: Dec ?



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