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Had a little time yesterday, and we finally got a little rain, so had hopes the ground was at least a little moist. Wanted to try a new small section and about 20 minutes in got a lower tone, that almost sounded like a piece of lead. It was probably 5 or 6 inches but what came out was a ring! It looked like gold! Put the plug down, and 2 inches over, got a second low tone! Could it really be a gold ring spill?? Carefully moved the dirt around and got it in the loose section... moved some dirt away and saw the unmistakable sight of gold! Lifted it up and found it was a second signet ring. Started shaking a little bit and looked for more signals, but that was it. A few minutes later got a 1947 Roosevelt. Couldn't concentrate after that so cut the hunt short after an hour or so.

Got them home, and the first ring is 4.1 grams of 10k gold, and the second is 6.1 grams of 14k gold. Not sure of the meaning of the first one, but will poke around to see. Also took a video of finding both in the field. Will work on getting that up.

HH all!!



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