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PCGS and Pedigree - Remick Collection

Does anyone here know if PCGS will pedigree coins from the Remick Collection, analogous to what they have done for other major collections??

I have a coin that was purchased raw from Spink Auction of the Jerry Remick Collection of Coins of the British Colonies & Commonwealth (Part III - Central America West Indies & Canada), from January of 2007. The person who purchased that coin submitted it to PCGS in July of 2007. I purchased the coin late last month, and I have all the paperwork with the coin which includes:

- the Spink Auction invoice, stating it is from the Remick Collection
- the PCGS email with the results of grading.

Back to my question, if I submitted this coin in its PCGS slab, and copies of the relevant paperwork, would they add the Remick Collection pedigree to the coin??

This would not add any monetary value to this piece, it is a key date on its own, but it would add some serious sentimental value to me. Jerry (Jerome) Remick, like me, was a geologist who had a passion for writing about coins... Just like the Pittman coins I own from my birth year, I feel this coin needs its pedigree...

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