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Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen. How to tell if it's Gold?? Also a few silvers

pcgs69pcgs69 Posts: 4,178 ✭✭✭✭
Finally getting around to posting finds from this weekend. Got out to a couple places. No chance of anything too old, but there was a chance for silver. Got two silver Washingtons and a silver Roosevelt. Also got a piece that may be silver. Just ordered a silver test kit off ebay.

Also got a Parker pen. After looking on ebay, it looks to be a Vacumatic Fountain Pen. Looking through, some of these look to be just gold plated, but others have some solid gold. If there a definite way to know for sure? The clip part looks solid on the outside, but underneath looks a little spotty. The band looks to be solid. The "nib" (I believe that's the pointy bottom thing that writes) looks solid gold, but the very tip is a white metal. I would say at least the band and nib are gold, but am a bit skeptical because it's not marked 14k, etc.

Some of these pens look to be worth a few bucks (not in dug condition). 1) Is it worth trying to have it restored? and 2) how can I know for sure if any of the components are solid gold?

HH all!



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