Stack's West 57th Street Collection! A one million coin hoard about to be sold by Stack's

Hoard Info

Anyone have any more info on this? What will this do to the market for circulated coins?
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  • seems like a good way to crash a market or reset market prices. Just an opinion as coins that are of the same type, series and grade are released it will devalue those that precede them.
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    Doesn't seem like a 'found hoard' so much as a 'we [Stacks] collected a lot of stuff [for some reason] and now we want to sell it'
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    W image W

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  • 10,000 1909 VDB's?
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  • That does seem to be what is being said but being that it was activly collected and held makes it a hoard that will be released to the market. I feel that initialy there will be a pricing frenzy and that will die down and deflate as the market is flooded with these coins that have yet to be graded buy collectors that have to have their coins in cased in plastic tombs. This will bring more business to the TPGs but in the long run could cause a substantial drop in pricing on low pop series. I also would not be supprised to see that TPGs had a hand in this in some way also. Lets say they found and sold 300 1913S type2 buffalo nics between grades 40-55 but before doing so had them all graded? What about expensive errors say my recently asked about 1942/1 Merc dime? Not trying to be completely negative as new finds could occur and cherrypics could also happen as that is a lot of coins to go over and it would make anyone's head swim.
  • Breaking news 1909 V.D.B pennies worth one penny lol
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    I doubt if the market will be able to absorb this hoard without a sharp downward adjustment in many items. There are just too many coins.

    If I were a bidder on this material I would want to know just how much of it there is before placing any bids.

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  • Take all the silver coins in the group and melt them into one giant block of silver and auction it off to protect the current pops and values lol. Time to diversify my portfolio oh wait that is what I have been dooing for the last 2 months.
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    This would crash the market only if they sold them cheap. I doubt that will be the case.
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  • Hey Rick I was more thinking after the sale as the sale will inflate prices initially. It is the aftermath of the sale of those coins and will be determined on the number that actually get graded verses traded and retraded in the raw.
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    << <i>This would crash the market only if they sold them cheap. I doubt that will be the case. >>

    I doubt they will sell them cheap as well. This will probably mean that they will still be auctioning some of those 1909 VDB cents in 2114.image
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    Take a close look at the pic of bags. One of them says www.el (...)

    These bags are not old.

    This may all just be bags of junk silver that's been moving through the market for years.
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    Heh, collectors of stuff that is available by the bag should either be worried (if they're sellers) or overjoyed (if they're buyers) with this hoard's release.

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    A little early for an April Fools joke... image

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  • I'm not sure what to make of it. I assume most of the silver coins will be sold as junk silver but they are talking about bags of capped bust halves and 10,000 1909 vdb's, that stuff doesn't go for melt.
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    The linked article is vague and confusing.

    It says that Stack's acquired the hoard.

    It uses the word "hoard" (singular, not plural).

    It says that the hoard was acquired in New York and other places.

    It refers to "owner" (singular instead of plural) when describing bags of coins.

    So with the above in mind I have some questions.

    #1. Is this million+ coin hoard one that was owned by a single owner prior to its acquisition by Stacks?

    #2. If the answer to #1 is yes, then did the single owner of the hoard have the coins making up the hoard located in different places around the country? (and if so, why?).

    #3. If the answer to #1 is no (thus it must be comprised of multiple groups of coins acquired by Stacks from multiple prior owners), then why is the million + coins referred to as a "hoard" instead of "hoards"? (does assembling more than one million coins from multiple sources and calling it a "hoard" make it more attractive and appealing to your audience than calling the different groups of coins obtained from different prior owners "hoards"?).

    #4. Why is the hoard referred to as "Stack's West 57th Street Collection"? (is Stack's located on West 57th Street and does this name apply solely to connect the million+ coins with Stacks?

    If the coins in the hoard are circulated, then imagine being a person designated by Stack's to go through them one by one and inventory them. Your hands, clothes and entire body would get very dirty and smelly.

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    That is an amazing amount of coins..... would like to hear the 'rest of the story'. Cheers, RickO
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    << <i>Take a close look at the pic of bags. One of them says www.el (...)

    These bags are not old.

    This may all just be bags of junk silver that's been moving through the market for years. >>

    Actually, I think the url is

    Their phone number is 1-800-895-2246

    The bag looks like it has 1-800-895-224 (?) and the number above is the only one for a coin company.

    Besides, www.el and could be mistaken on the bag in that pic. Just my two cents.
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    Can't wait for the knuckleheads to start claiming that THIS hoard must be stolen also.............
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    There was an old-time dealer that lived in my town, he has since died. As late as the late 1980's he had over $1M face in BU Morgans and Peace dollars, plus mountains of other stuff. My assumption is that these were quietly dispersed into the market over a period of 10-15+ years and no one even noticed.
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    Out of thousands of barber quarters there will be exactly zero 01-s or 13-s examples, which is a shame. The price of those needs to drop.
    As someone said, these are probably all the recent turn-ins from the PM run up that didn't get melted.
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    I'll bet this photo wasn't staged. image


    Perhaps it's the odds and ends that Stacks threw in the basement over the last 80 years - the've sold everything else. image
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    Even if it's 90% junk, that means there are 100,000 coins that aren't.

    Last I checked, even at the peak of the market people didn't sell bags of bust halves at melt...and I don't think large cents have been sold for melt in a century or so.
  • Advertisement for their store?

    Things have been busy at the store at 123 W 57th Street in the New Year!

    Edit to add : "1909 V.D.B. Lincoln Cents

    Posted on June 25th, 2010 by Editor in 123 W 57th Street
    1909 V.D.B. Lincoln Cents

    We are just back from the Baltimore show and recently have purchased a hoard of 1909 V.D.B. Lincoln cents. We have a nice selection of affordable grades to represent the first year of issue of this popular series."

    A little research shows that this could be a culmination of many past purchases and that they are liquidating held inventory.

      Use Hoard in a sentence
    [hawrd, hohrd] Show IPA
    a supply or accumulation that is hidden or carefully guarded for preservation, future use, etc.: a vast hoard of silver.
    verb (used with object)
    to accumulate for preservation, future use, etc., in a hidden or carefully guarded place: to hoard food during a shortage.
    verb (used without object)
    to accumulate money, food, or the like, in a hidden or carefully guarded place for preservation, future use, etc.

    HOARD is exactly what this is per definition, it does not need to be a singular source but a gathering of otems to be used at a latter date.

    We should be asking what has prompted them t liquidate at this time? Do they have some info that is yet to be released that could affect pricing?
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    << <i>I'll bet this photo wasn't staged. image >>

    What tipped you off? The burgundy velor backdrop?
  • Sounds like Stack's is having a garage sale then.
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    1909 vdb cents in choice brown unc could still be bought for $20-$35 or so last I was playing with them. I don't see where 10,000 circs would make much of a difference in what's available. 10,000 more uncs would be a concern though. 10,000 bust halves wouldn't make all that much difference either. There must be a millions of those out there.
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  • Consolidation of excess resources from all their ventures into one liquidation set and driving hype to fuel the sale. Normal practice but it still bothers me for some reason. Later ......
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    I hope they sell in bulk lots and bags of coins instead of single listing 900,000 coins and 100,000 small lots. I don't even care if they pick through a bunch just drop some decent sized lots up in the thousands. Yeah I know hoarding dreck and problem coins yada yada!
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    30 tons, holy cow.

    Over the years I've heard a lot of speculation about what's in Stack's 57th Street basement. Maybe this is the answer image
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    "bags of bust halves"

    Any of us could divide our bust halves into two piles, put each pile in a bag, and have "bags of bust halves"

    they should name this "hoard" the

    "Glamourize Our Junk Hoard"

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    I think it looks like a cool hoard. I, for one, would love to go through those coins. I would love to have the opportunity to look through a bag of bust halves before anyone else searching for die varieties. Some of my best cherry picks have come from the strangest places. One mans trash is another mans treasure image

    When I read the article, it sounded to me like they got the hoard from one person who bought or collected from circulation many coins in the New York area and also around the country over a long period of time. It did not read to me like Stacks had acquired the stuff over the years and threw it in the basement.
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    No gold coins in this hoard?
    Hey homey.....Watch out for those PCGS Rattlers and "NO LINE" NGC Fatties.

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    << <i>I'll bet this photo wasn't staged. image >>

    Using paper and pen to document 30 tons of coins? This might take a while. image
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    Fonts and placement of text match.

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    I remember a number of years ago (perhaps 10?) when Littleton announced that they had bought a hoard of circulated coins, mostly silver.

    As I recall, they said that the hoard was accumulated by a New York City Subway token booth clerk over a number of decades.

    I remember the announcement, but I don't recall that the dispersal of the hoard had any noticeable effect on the coin market.

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    Until we hear otherwise, I will assume there will not be that many coins valued at $1000 or more each.
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    If they're clever, they'll salt a few nice ones image

    Sorry, getting cynical in my old age. never mind image

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    Whatever's in the hoard, the market will absorb it easily.

    Andy Lustig

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    That's going to make for one long lotviewing session...
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    4 people to document every VF/XF 1909-vdb and G/VG 1904 Indian cent. That's like having their own TPG. So how long will it take those 4 to go through 1 MILL coins?
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    These stories are more likely to inspire new collectors and energize existing collectors than they are to discourage and dilute current collectors, IMO.

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    I think this presents SB with a great opportunity to finally improve their horrific search engine. Search by grade or mint, anyone? Maybe even save a search with email alerts? Even Teletrade's 20-year old website could do that.
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    Wow, the Stack's were pack rats! Instead of wholesaling their low end stuff, it appears they just accumulated it!
  • edix2001edix2001 Posts: 3,423

    << <i>We should be asking what has prompted them t liquidate at this time? >>

    It's all part of The Great National Liquidation that's been going on for a few years now, in case you hadn't noticed.
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    I really doubt that there are any key dates in like the barber bags. There may be plenty of varieties though. I would bet that they are mostly low grade commons. But then, who knows? Time will tell.

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    It's the new numismatic jobs program, with this hoard, all the old guys will go blind thus making room for new hires. image
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    I think most of the coins are circulated. They will probably find a few key dates like 1901 s quarter, 1877 ihc, etc.. but nothing in real high grade I would suspect. So the impact won't be that great on the market prices. Hopefully there we be a lot of good quality collector coins and also the publicity might bring in some new people.
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    << <i>Whatever's in the hoard, the market will absorb it easily. >>

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