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1000th Post Giveaway From VDB Coins--WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Well, I see I have just passed 1,000 posts. To mark this auspicious occasion, I propose a simple contest. Guess what I am giving away:

1. Date
2. Denomination
3. Grade
4. Qualifier
5. Service

Participants get one point for each correct answer. Absolutely no clues beyond that, other than those I have left scattered around cyberspace like numismatic breadcrumbs through the deep forest. This contest ends:

when someone guesses all five correctly; or
when I decide interest has subsided or ceased (edited to add: or never commenced!).

In case of a tie, the first answer correct/closest to correct wins. Enjoy, and thanks for all the camaraderie and knowledge you each share here.

UPDATE: So far we have one clear winner. Since a day has passed with no more entries, I have decided to end the contest on Sunday. Everybody who makes an entry by Sunday 11:59 p.m. will be eligible. The winner will be quite happy I think! Good luck again.

AND THE WINNER IS: mkman123! The correct answers were:

1. 1964
2. 50c
3. MS66
4. none image

Retail value is about $100. Congratulations to all who participated ... or kibitzed.

PS Honorable mention to robkool who was nearly as close ... but later.

Best Regards,


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