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Engelhard 10 Ounce Bars

I didn't really start out to collect bars, but I have been fortunate to find a lot of Englehard bars locally. I don't think people around here have discovered them yet.
My rules are: I purchace them in person and no more than a very small premium. I don't search ebay or anywhere
else on the internet for them.
These are the different types I've come up with and some comments about how frequently I encounter them.

Thanks to all here I have been able to recognize when something unusual passes my way.

Stamped bars
The eagle varity. Fairly common, the second most common of the stamped bars. Big E varity. By far the most common of the Englehard bars


This looks like a regular big E but the prefix letter is a P. I have seen
over a thousand big E types since finding this one and it is the only
one I have found. There have to be more, so I call this one very


This one is beat up but I have never found a second example. I don't like to use the rare word but I think this one
truly is rare. Englehard seemed not to make many contract pieces and all the ones I've seen are one ounce size. This 10 ounce for
the TD bank is not only the only 10 ounce contract contract piece I've seen but also the only 10 ounce using the maple leaf design.
My guess is a run for TD of 100 total pieces.1000 ounces

This one is commonly known as the stamped fatty. This one is know with both a C
prefix and a P prefix. The C bar shows up a lot more often than the P but this is only
slightly better than the eagle varity.

P prefix finding these is not too hard, but finding a wrapped one was tough.

Bull logo stamped. Not scarce but seems to show up less often than the stamped fatty.

Poured Bars

The first is the plain back P series. This is the most common poured bar and is usually readily available.


I think this is a scarce bar. It has some of the attributes of the plain P, plain back and flat sides. It also has
some of the attributes of the waffle back, font size. The EP prefix is the only two letter prefix I've seen on
a larger bar and the only 8 character serial number I know of. THis may be a transition piece between the
two types.

These are the waffel back design P prefix type bars. The main difference between the two is the spacing of the nines.
999 vs 99 9. These are better bars but I have found no difference in the frequency of the two types.

This is a waffel back bar with the W prefix. This is a much better bar in my experience.

These are older poured bars. Not sure what to call them. Very scarce type to start with but these have a seven numeric digit serial
numbers and the lowest numbers I've encountered on any Englehard bar. Not only that they are consecutive. This pair may be unique and
I think may have come from an Engelhard executive. just guessing here

Poured bull logo. These are a much better bar and show up about as much as the W series. The varities or this type are mostly in
physical size and placement of the fineness and weight.
Close to the edge

Middle placement.

Close together

I know there are other types I don't have. These are just the ones I've come across in my day to day stops at local shops
and local coin shows.


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    I don't collect bullion bars, but it's always interesting and educational to read & watch that type of display. Keep on searching.
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  • I have some 1 ounce bars with mc under the E. What does that mean?
  • WingsruleWingsrule Posts: 2,977 ✭✭✭✭
    Very nice thread, coinnerd.

    I like the 10oz maple leaf/TD bar. I have never seen another like it.
  • image coinnerd!

    Very informative thread and cool pictures!
    Gotta buy one of those 10 ozers! Love the fatty bar.
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  • piecesofmepiecesofme Posts: 6,669 ✭✭✭
    Awesome, thanks for sharing...the bars and the info.
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  • I have some 1 ounce bars with mc under the E. What does that mean?

    Metals Chemicals

    Just a note ........ Any bars with the "Bull" logo were made in Markham, ON. Canada.

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  • coinnerdcoinnerd Posts: 490 ✭✭✭
    Updated with some new finds from this year. Only three new bars all year. The wrapped P stamped fatty and two different bull logo types.
    New ones are getting harder to find.
  • LukeMarshallLukeMarshall Posts: 1,882 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Very nice collection indeed!

    Looks like you've got a nice upside potential since you acquired them at low premiums.

    It's all about what the people want...

    Great post ! Thanks for sharing your info. on a very interesting series of bars.


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    Great thread. Worth a bump. 👍

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