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Left Overs Giveaway - Over

This forum sure has died since I was last here about 9 years ago.. Anyway folks heres what this is about. I came into a large bunch of coins from a family member that passed away, what I didn't keep I sold, but I'm left with a bunch of stuff that I have no desire to keep. To some this will be junk to others a treasure, for instance....

1997 Norwegian Heritage Proof coin set and a uncirc set, a 1997 uncirc coins of Sweden set, 2005 New Zealand Brilliant uncirc coin set and a coins of NZ (mixed dates).
A 2003 "The Worlds Greatest Aircraft" .. 12 coin book set from GB, plus many others some neat and some give to the kids junk lol. I was going to break this up for the giveaway board but decided postage would be a killer so I'll leave it to another to do and make just one mail-out.

Throw your hat into the ring if interested in taking these off of my hands, drawing will be Sunday 7/31 at 6PM PST.

And the winner is "laserart"

Gold is Good


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