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Just time to give a little back(((( we have winners )))) in fist post

i have bought 3 extras of this. and i would like to give them to 3 members here, looks like it going to take a long time to get to a 1000 post so ill due this just because id like to give a little back

just make a post . what you think of the coin.

3 winner will be pick on sat the 19th

this is our 3rd year have our own coin struck. this year is allso a limited mintage. only 110 proof were struck
it is a deep cameo proof.
this year is the first year we had the revirce die made, and we own it so it can not be use again.
we may put the die up for sale if any of you silver dealers that allso strike silver rounds are interested.

Congrats to the winners,

winner please PM me you mailing address and ill get them out monday.

thank you all for the nice words about our medal ,wwe are very proud of it.



Loe-steelielee-bought 690. sale
nate-grandrapidian-bought 70. sale
Paul-commoncents-3500+ sales
Ken-jfoot-sold-125.00 sale
Mike-mozeppa-bought 1080. sale
Dave-Badger-sale 560.00
Lochness-sale 1,000. 00


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