Wanted: common circulated Susan B. Anthony dollars to fill book

I have searched and asked at the local banks and my one local dealer, but haven't been able to find any. I need some common, circulated Susan B. Anthony (SBA) dollars to help a friend fill his coin folder. He had the 1979, 1979-D and 1979-S SBA holes filled, and I need to buy the following SBAs:


I do not need any proof coins, just common date circulated examples. I would prefer to buy them all from one person to save on shipping costs. Please PM me if you have these that I can buy. I am hoping to get these pretty close to face value. Thanks!

Edited:Ok, now I feel like the fool - only goes to show I don't do modern coins.image Now that you mention it, I vagely remember the 81's only being issued in mint sets. And yes, I would be a rich man if I found a 1999-S circulated SBA. Didn't realize they didn't make that one.

Ok, so anyone have a 1981 US Mint site I can buy??


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