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Get IN on my 10,000 post Giveaway. Read details Here! Winners named, post 86

Well, I had a nice Giveaway for my 5000th post so I might as well do one for my 10,000th.

As you can see, I'm not that far away. Some days I post more than others, soooo -

the giveaway obviously will require your best Guesstimate as to exact date AND Time that

I actually reach this milestone. Break out the calculators, do the best you can.

I am starting this fairly early to give everyone an equal opportunity to win. BUT THERE IS A CATCH.

*The countdown starts NOW. Each member gets one guess (NO EDITING - NO EXCUSES - not even spelling corrections, OK!?).
**** Ammended - I ALONE may allow editing ONLY if blatant, obvious typos are made (such as a fat fingered double struck
impossibility) - example, if someone should hit a # like THIS .... 34. I might add NOW that this is being posted (edited) AFTER such
an incident HAS ALREADY TAKEN PLACE! Member "Stupid" has in fact done exactly that! He has struck an impossible date, July 34!
Please pay attention. This IS NOT Nuclear Physics. LOL! image

Some of you are NOT PAYING ATTENTION and NOT posting a Time along with your choices of dates! GOOD GRIEF PEOPLE!
Anyone that I see that HAS NOT POSTED a TIME - if you ask me - again, at MY discretion, I MAY permit you to add a time.

How can people make such a simple task so dog-gone difficult?? image


It may take a while but then again - it may not however the time frame in which you are allowed

to guess starts today, 4-27-09 and ends 05-03-09 at precisely 11:59 PM PDT.

You all have ONE WEEK to make your ONE guess (date & time when I hit 10K)! One week - One Guess!

In the meantime I need to find something worthy of this milestone.

Good Luck to everyone. Give it your best shots! As of this post I am at 9700.

If anyone actually NAILS it (date & time) the prize will be momentous.

If no one does then apparently whomever is closest wins. In the event of a tie - well I guess I'll have to

give two items away. Second place will ALSO win in MY Giveawway!

Let the countdown begin. Get your guesses in within the allotted time frame. NO EDITS - NO EXCEPTIONS! image

Let's roll. Again, Good Luck to all.image


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