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1188th Post/Christmas Giveaway – 18XX MS63RB IHC (**1895** - PICS IN LAST POST)

Ok, so after I was right on top of my 25th post giveaway, my 99th post giveaway and my 500th post giveaway, it looks like I somehow missed my 1000th post giveaway by just a little bit… image I have received so much from everyone here on the Forum, in both knowledge and in great deals on the BST image so I am happy to give a little back!

Inspired in part by lasvegasteddy’s recent matte proof Lincoln giveaway, I’m not going to show exactly what is being given away here, I think it’s more fun for the winner and all those who enter to be a little surprised. So I’m giving away an 18XX Indian Head Cent graded MS63RB by SEGS. Not quite the coin that teddy gave away (WOW!!!), but it’s not too shabby either. I sort of acquired this coin as a kicker in a larger trade a few months ago and specifically set it aside for a future giveaway. Here’s a couple of pics:



Anyways, as you may or may not already know, I have sort of shifted the focus of my collecting efforts recently towards completing an uncirculated certified 1909 mint set including the gold coins (might go AU on many of the gold). I’m also considering going after the 1909 proofs as well. Lots of key dates, semi-key dates and conditionally scarce coins to collect in this mint set: The 1909-S IHC, 1909-S VDB Lincoln and the 1909-O $5 are the big key dates. But the 1909-S Lincoln, 1909 VDB DDO Lincoln, 1909-D Dime, 1909-S Dime, 1909-O Quarter, 1909-O Half Dollar, 1909-S $5, 1909-D $20 and the 1909/8 $20 are among the tougher ones as well. 1909 was also the last year of coins from New Orleans so that is also pretty cool I think. The set is definitely a challenge as there are over 30 coins are required if you go for the major varieties, but I’ve had a blast collecting it thus far.

How to Enter:

So, in order to win the 18XX MS63RB Indian Head Cent all you have to do is guess how many certified coins (MS and Proof) I currently own as of the time of this post that are dated 1909. The winner will be selected randomly from those who guess correctly by Tuesday, December 16, 2008 at 7:00pm PST. As long as the winner gets me his/her address promptly he/she will receive the coin by Christmas!!

Extra Help for the YNs:

If you are under 25, I’ll include your name in the random drawing as long as your answer is within 1 of the correct answer. Just add “+/- 1” after your guess so I know.

If you are under 18, I’ll include your name in the random drawing as long as your answer is within 3 of the correct answer. Just add “+/- 3” after your guess so I know.

If you are 14 or under, I’ll include your name in the random drawing as long as your answer is within 5 of the correct answer. Just add “+/- 5” after your guess so I know.


To make it easier and to give even you random guessers a fighting chance, the answer is less than 40. If you really want a better shot, you should note that I have 1909 mint registry sets on both NGC and PCGS (w/ gold and w/o gold). I also have a 1909 proof registry set listed on NGC. Beware as I do have a few duplicates not listed in any registry sets. I also have at least one 1909 coin graded by PCGS, at least one by NGC and at least one by ANACS. Finally, I have probably posted pics of most of the coins to this board at one time or another if you really want to do some searching.

Secondary Prizes:

I will also select three others randomly among those who guess correctly to receive a 1909 Barber Type Set consisting of a 1909 Barber Half, 1909 Barber Quarter and a 1909 Barber Dime (mintmarks may vary). These were made from junk silver bags so don’t expect anything too fancy image

Good luck to all and thanks again!



The answer is: 26 coins!!!

Again, a quick read of the directions should have resulted in no one answering more than 40, though several did image And a quick read of the hints and a quick look at my registry sets should have resulted in no guesses less than 23 (21 coins in NGC mint set, 1 in NGC proof set and I have at least 1 ANACS which can’t be listed in the registry), though several guessed less than 23 as well image

There were 7 finalists which are listed below and numbered based on the time posted:

1 - PaleElf – 26 (only person to guess exactly correct!!!)
2 - Cheddy – 23 +/-3
3 - Con4Coins – 30 +/-5
4 - Brie13 – 22 +/-5
5 - laxmaster92 – 27 +/-3
6 - MillerJW – 27 +/-1
7 - tightbudget – 23 +/-3

I used a freebie number selector which gave me the following result:

<< <i>1 Set of 4 Unique Numbers Per Set
Range: From 1 to 7 -- Unsorted

Set #1:
4, 7, 1, 5 >>

So, the winner is #4 - Brie13!!! I’m pretty sure she won my last giveaway too… maybe I should disqualify her for that?? haha image Nah… I’ll post the full image of the obverse once Brie13 informs me that the coin has been received image

And the secondary prizes go to #7 tightbudget, #1 PaleElf and #5 laxmaster92!! Will send a PM for addresses.

Congrats to all the winners and thanks to all of those who participated!

Finally, if anyone’s interested here’s the full list of my current 1909 coins, many of which are imaged in My 1909 Mint Set:

1909 Matte Proof Lincoln PCGS PR63RB (OGH)
1909 Lincoln PCGS MS65RD (Rattler)
1909 Lincoln PCGS MS65RD
1909-S Lincoln PCGS MS65RD
1909-S Lincoln NGC MS64RD
1909 10c NGC MS66
1909-D 10c PCGS MS64
1909 25c PCGS MS65
1909-D 25c PCGS MS64
1909-O 25c PCGS MS64
1909 50c PCGS MS63
1909-S 50c NGC MS65
1909 $2.5 NGC AU58
1909 $5 NGC AU58
1909-D $5 NGC AU58
1909 $10 NGC MS61
1909-S $10 PCGS AU53
1909 $20 NGC AU58
1909-D $20 PCGS AU55
1909-S $20 PCGS MS62



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