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1000 post giveaway - WINNER's POSTED in 1st post

WINNER's Posted!

The number in question was Int(sqrt(2)*1000)=1414 (I had hoped to post a jpg of the PM to myself,
but apparently the forum doesn't save PM's sent to yourself by yourself in the history file - those
crazy programmers always trying to "help out" the users...

Any way, the winners are:

1st place and choice of prizes: Pakasmom with 1358 (only 56 numbers off the magic number of 1414)
2nd place Unknowncomic with 1215 (only 199 numbers off the magic number of 1414)

Brie13 had a guess of 2828 which was exactly twice the magic number of 1414. Since looking at
spreadsheets is boring and seeing 1414 in the =ABS(B57-1414) column was an unexpected result,
I declare Brie13 a 3rd place winner. Brie13 will receive a yet to be determined, numismatic prize in the

PMs will be sent to the winners tonight.

Happy Holidays to all of you who took the time to enter the giveaway!

Well, I hit a thousand posts. Looking to give something back to the forum members.

Two items for the giveaway...

First, a Medal,


The next one is a coin,


Rules are simple. I'm thinking of a number

**** <---- It's under the little stars (I'm thinking of a four digit number between 1000 and 9999) Well, its not really under the little stars, but I did send a PM to myself with the number so you can rest assured it is selected, documented and timestamped. No favoritism will be exercised.

You pick a number (any number - rational or irrational, positive or negative, no imaginary numbers please). A number can only be picked once. In the event two or more people pick the same number, the first post in this thread has precedence and the second poster is welcome to enter again.

One entry per person is valid. In the event of multiple entries by a single person, the last entry will be considered the official entry with prior entries ignored. An entry will include the numeric guess. Posts with no numeric guesses will simply be considered commentary.

The two people with numbers closest to the one I'm thinking of will win. The person with the closest guess gets to pick the medal or the coin. The second person gets the left-overs.

In the unlikely event that we should have an exact hit on my guess (for first place) and two equidistant hits by two addtional posters (thus tying for second place), I'll drum up another similarly valued coin or medal and will toss a coin to determine which second place winner gets which of the two second place prizes.

Best of luck everyone.

Edited to add: I'll be traveling next week but will be back in town next Friday. Then we can end contest Friday the 12th when ever I get into the office (sometime around 9 or 10 AM pacific). With the secret number published, I'll PM the winners for shipping addresses. I will pick up the coins at the bank and ship them next Saturday Dec 13th (assuming I get PM responses). I have to go to Korea on Dec 15 (return the 19th) and will not be able to ship until after Dec 20th so I would like to ship on the 13th if possible.


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