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Time for a 2500 post give-a-way (coin related) WE HAVE A WINNER!

How about a 1961 toned proof silver Washington Quarter to the person who can guess the closest to my father's birth date (month, day & year).
Here are the only clues. He flew A-20's in the South Pacific during WWII, and he retired in 1971.

Extra Credit: (for an extra coin) Guess what major battle he was involved in when he was shot down, picked up by a US warship, and sunk by a Kamikaze all in the same day.

To keep it coin related, post a coin of your guess of his birth year.

My dad will celebrate his 90th birthday on this coming Jan 23. Fruitloops was the closest with his guess of Mar 1919.
Some of you were correct in that it was during the battle of Leyte Gulf in late 1944. As others pointed Kamikazes were not used until late 1944 when the war was pretty much lost for the Japanese. The battle of Midway was in 1942, much too early.

PM me with your address and I'll get this out.
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