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Veteran Status awaits....200 post giveaway....Winner Chosen see first post

Well it is hard to beleive that i have had almost 200 post on these boards. I am very grateful to those that have bestowed there knowledge upon me and have done so without prejudice. and even though i am just a small potatoe to most of you on the board i will be giving away a coin for my 200th post. I look forward to many more post and knowledge learned from the forum and this will be a very small token of my appreciation.

The coin will be a Raw 1984 Washington Proof Cameo.

the drawing will be when i reach 200 post so all that are in will get a shot at that point i will do a random drawing from those listed at that time and will post to this thread the winner.

Good Luck and Thanks.


Edited to say sorry about the coin confusion it is an 1984 not 1987.

All the names were placed in a hat only once (for those who posted twice) and my daughter drew the name out and the winner is..........

Utahcoin....Congrats pm me with your info...


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