What '80s wrestler do the CU board members most remind you of?

As a spin-off from the Chaz thread, let's continue with this analogy. The initial comparison was by me, calling Chaz the Iron Mike Sharpe of the boards.

Lee chimed in with the following list:

Matt and Tonya- Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth
rube- Hacksaw Jim Duggan (crazy, patriot, liable to hit you with a 2x4)
pandrews- Ultimate Warrior
axtell- King Kong Bundy
guru- S.D. Special Delivery Jones
estil- Koko B. Ware
chaz- Dino Bravo (a much better fit than Iron Mike Sharpe)
stone193- Hillbilly Jim
Gary- The Iron Shiek
Toppsco1lector- Nikolai Volkoff
stown and yankeeno7- The Killer Bees (not sure why, but it works)
Me- Captain Lou Albano, because I'm always wearing rubber bands on my face.

I'll add myself - George "The Animal" Steele. I'm hairier than an urangutan (sp).

Please add your thoughts / opinions.


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