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holiday giveaway closes sunday 11-18 at 6pm pst---texast wins surrendered prize

in name of the holidays and paying back gratitude i offer this giveaway...

a)2 first day 1965 kennedy half dollars in cancelled stamped envelopes
b)2 1937-s washington quarters raw about vf/xf

1)1965 sms set-pretty set that the half is cameo appearence but wouldn't grade cameo
2)1964 proof set-extremely dark 2 sided toned kennedy-sealing between coins is loose
3)3 consecutive $1 star notes which are crisp gems
4)1964 accented hair kennedy-raw not cameo but sweet
5)1964 unc kennedy toned
6)sms pcgs coins-a 1965 sms ms66 quarter and a 1967 sms ms65rd cent
7)anacs 1942 proof 63 rb lincoln cent

the first 2 (a+b) is open to under 10 only-family can enter for them
the last 7 are open to all but are seperate as only one win per member

simple game plan here...
just reply and you go in the hat...then i go 1 through 7 pulling a name who won that out (when i pull a name-you're done at that point)
for those who are in with y/n's just reply with i'm in for a+b too
i'll pm the winners but they won't know what they won till they open the mail...;-)

good luck and happy holidays

"texast"-wins surrendered prize...yayy as all prizes are now awarded...thank you all for taking part in this giveaway

everything in life is but merely on loan to us by our appreciation....lose your appreciation and see



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