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Master List: Your Favorite Coin Websites (Updated 8/28/2014)

I want to divide this up between Forums, Dealers, Auction websites, Legit coin grading companies, Coin Books, Clubs, Information pages, Mints, and Other.
I will update this thread as suggestions come in (I will try to make the list of dealers as alphabetical as possible).
If you have any other suggestions for categories, just post them along with additional websites.

Here is a breakdown of the types of sections in this list:
PCGS Information
Forums/Message Boards
Auction Companies
Profession Coin Grading Companies
National Clubs
Information Specialty Pages
Darkside-Information Specialty Pages
Coin Publications
Coin Photography
Microscopes for Coins
Coin Book Sellers
Coin Price Guides
Coin Blogs
Best of CU Forum
Coin Conservation
Coin Shows
Online Coin Books

356 Links and counting...

PCGS Information
PCGS Authorized Dealers
PCGS Genuine Codes
CoinFacts Wiki
PCGS List of VAM's they will attribute
Fake PCGS Slab Diagnostics
PCGS - Truview
PCGS Statistics
PCGS Photograde

Best of CU Forum:
CU Forum - Coin Lingo
Complete List of Early Half Dollars and their Die Marriages
Poorguys - Numismatic Book List
PCGS Slab Generations
PCGS Forum Characters
How to Post Images using Photobucket
Ebay Coin Report Link
Space Monkey Templates

Forums/Message Boards:
PCGS Forum
Bust Coin Forum
Seated Coin Forum
EAC Forum
NGC Forum
Coin Zip Forum
Vam World Forum
Cal Gold Online
Coin Talk
Coin Community
eBay Forum
Coin Photography Forum
Ike Group Forum
Coin Network
New Zealand coin forum
Carl's Coins Forum
Coin Help
Coin Space
Type Set Coin Collecting
Franklin-Lover's Forum
Collector's Guide Book
Numis Society
Australian Coins

3 Cent Nickel
900 Fine Coinsimage
A Coin Shop
Alaska Coin Exchange
Albanese Rare Coins
American Coin and Stamp Brokerage
Angel Dees Coins
AR Save
Aspen Park Rare Coinsimage
AU Capital Managementimage
Beantown Coins
Bellisario Rare Coin
Bret Leifer Numismatics
Brian Greer
Brian Wagner Rare Coins
Byers, Mike (error coins)
Cameo Coins
Carls Coins
Carter Numismatics
Certified Coin Exchange
Cheap Slab Store
Chicago Coin Company
Civitas Galleries
Coast to Coast Coins
Coin Mine
Coin Rarities Onlineimage
Coin Shop
Coin Super Store
Collectors Corner
Common Cents Rare Coins
CR Coins
CTF Errors
Dave "The Collectors Friend"
Dave Wnuck Coins
David Hall Rare Coins
David Kahn Rare Coinsimage
David Lawrence
Delaware Valley Rare Coin Co
Dick Osburn Rare Coins
DJW Coin
DM Rare Coins
DMPL Dollar
Doran Coins
Doug Winter Numismaticsimage
Eagle Eye Rare Coinsimage
Early American Coin Gallery (Copper Coins)
Early American Rarities (EAR)
Early Copper Coins
Early US Quartersimage
Executive Coin Company
Eye Appealing Coins
Fast Coin
Finest Coins and Relics
Fred Weinberg (Error Coins and Currency)
Fuba Coins
Gainsville Coins
Gammill Numismatics
Gary Adkins Coins
Gold Rush Gallery
G.R. Tiso
Hannigan's Coins
Harlan J. Berkimage
Harry Laibstain Rare Coinsimage
HCC Rare Coin
Hokanson Coins NEW
Holsonbake Numismaticsimage
J & H Coins
Jade Rare Coin
Jack Lee Coinsimage
Jhon E. Cash Coins
Jims Coins
J.J. Teaparty
JK Americanaimage
JMS Coins
John Hamrick Coins
Julian Leidman Coin
Larry Briggs Rare Coins
Larry Shapiro Rare Coin
Larry Whitlow Ltd.image
Legend Numismaticsimage
Letchworth Coins
Liberty Coins Inc
Littleton Coin Company
Long Island Numismatics
Long Island Rare Coins
Low Country Coins
L & C Coins
New England Rarities
Mark Feld Coins
McIntosh Collectibles
Michael Kittle Rare Coinsimage
Mid-America Rare Coin Gallery
Miller's Mint
Mint Products
MN Rare Coin (Mayer Numismatics)
Modern Coin Mart
Moonlight Mint
Mountain View Coins
Mt. Lassen Coins
NFC Coin
Northeast Numismaticsimage
Northern Nevada Coins
Numismatic Americana
O'Connor Numismaticsimage
Old Jamestown Trading Company
Park Avenue Coin
Pat and BJ Coins
The Penny Ladyimage
Pinnacle Raritiesimage
PQ Coin
PQ Collectibles
Pro Coin
The Purple Penny
R Howard Rare Coin
Rare American Coins, LLCimage
Rare Coins of New Hampshire
Ray Komka Coins
RCS Numismatics
Reeded Edge
Rich Uhrich Coins
RLH Enterprises
Robert S. Riemer Coins
R & I Coins
Scarsdale Coin
Seated Dime
SG Rare Coins
Silver State Coin
Smythe Online
South Gate Coinsimage
South Park Coin
Superior Galleries
Thomas Bush Numismaticsimage
Toned Coin Store
US Coins Inc
US Rare Coin Investmentsimage
USA Coin Book
V-Coins (Ancients)
Victorian Rare Coins
VNickel Coins
VOC Numismatics
VT Coins
Wayne Herndon
Weinberg, Fred (Error Coins and Currency)
Yellow River Rare Coins

Dark Side/Non-U.S. Coin Dealers
Bruun Rasmussen
CNG Coins
Euro Collections
Jean Elsen
J Kern Coins
V Coins

Amos Advantage (supplies)
Brent-Krueger (supplies)
Brooklyn Gallery Coin and Stamp (supplies)
Danso Album Store
Jakes Marketplace (supplies)
JP's Corner (supplies)
Whitman Publishing, LLC (supplies)
Eagle Coin Holders (supplies)
Wizard Coin Supply (supplies)
*Valley Coin and Supplies

Ryedale Coin (manufacturer)

Auction Companies:
Ira and Larry Goldberg
Great Collections
David Lawrence
Smythe Online
Coins at Auction
Auction Zip
Legend-Morphy Auctions
USA Coin Book
Capitol Auctions

Coin Archives (Auction Results)

Professional Coin Grading Companies:
Dominion Grading Service

Eagle Eye Photo Seal

National Clubs:
Fly-In Club
TCCS - Toned Coin Collectors Society
Love Token Society
Online Club Chat: Civil War Token Club, Colonial Club, Bust Half Club, Currency Club

Information/Speciality Pages:
Breen Encyclopedia Online
Colonial: Fugio Cent Varieties
Coins and Currency in Colonial America
Money of Colonial and Early America (Notre Dame Collection)
Lib Cap Large Grading Info
Early-Copper (CUD's)
Modern Coin Info
Copper Coins
Feuchtwanger Coins
Indian Heads.org
Indian Cents
Lincoln Cent.com
Lincoln Cent Resource
1970-S Small and Large Date Lincoln Cent
CB Half Dimes
Russ Logan Collection of Bust Coinage
Shield Nickels.net
Buffalo Nickel .com
Hobo Nickels
Byron Reeds: Complete Capped Bust Dimes by Die Marriage
Seated-Dime Varieties
Seated Dime.com
Double Dimes
Early US Quarters
Washington Quarter Double Dies
Census of 1796 (16 star) Half Dollars
Contemporary Counterfeit Capped Bust Halves Collectors Club
1836-1839 Half Dollar Varieties
Bill Bugert Seated Half Dollar Book
Franklin Lover
Early US Silver Dollars
VAM World
Variety Slabbing Service for Morgans and Peace
Ike Group
1972 Ike Dollar Types
Small Sized Dollars
Alan S. Fisher Hard Times Tokens
Cal Gold
Colorado Territorial Gold
So-Called Dollars
U.S. Patterns
LSCC Seated Counterfeits
Numismatic Enquirer: Counterfeit coins
Counterfeit Coins: Bogos
Detecting Counterfeit Silver Coins
Double Die.com (John Wexler's site)
Variety Vista
Science of Toning - Thomas Bush
Coin Auction Help (For Slabs)
Self-Slabber (TPG) List
Rotated Die Coin Census
Mint Error News: Mint Cohen Collection
Error Ref
MAD Die Clashes
Trail Dies
Scott Travers' How to Grade US Coins
*Current Melt Value of U.S. Coins
Sample Slabs
Columbian Expo Coins
Mountain View Coins 150,000 Articles
Paying the Postage
Collectors Corner
Coin Archives: World Coin Auctions
Ken Potters Site
Medals of the World
Ask About Coins
Collector's Guide Book

Darkside - Information/Specialty Pages:
Medieval Coinage 1166-1530
Scottish Money.net

Coin Zip
2 Clicks Coins
Coin Update

Coin Publications
Coin World
Numismatic News

U.S. Mint
Royal Canadian Mint
World Coin Mints

Coin Photography
JK Coin Photography
Mark Goodman Coin Photography
Becoka Coin Photography
BluCC Photo's
Variety Slabbing Service
Thomas Bush Photography

Microscopes for Coins
44340 Celestron Biological Microscope w/ built in Digi Cam
Dino-X (Big-C.com)

Coin Book Sellers
Whitman Publishing, LLC
Rare Coin Books
Orville Grady Books
Numismatic Bibliomania Society
Wizard Coin Supply
Coin Cats

Coin Price Guides
PCGS Coin Price Guide

Coin Facts
CDN: Greysheet
Striker Token and Metal
Coinsheet Numismatic Directory
Coin Glossary
Current Melt Value of U.S. Coins
Coin Resource
Coin Gallery.org: Imaging and Webspace for Rare Coins
US Mint Historical Images Library
Found In Rolls
eBay Item Report

Coin Blogs:
Buzz With Dave Harper
Big Ideas, Little World with Tom Michael
Coin of the Day
Mint News Blog
Coin Collector's Blog
About.com Coins
Stella Coin News
The US Coin Collector
Australian Coin Collecting Blog

Coin Conservation
Removing PVC Residue

Coin Shows
CoinZip Coin Show Calendar
Doran Coin Shows of Illinois
Coin Shows - CoinWorld
Beedon's California Coin Show List

Online Coin Books
Stella Online Reference Coin Books
The Complete Guide to Lincoln Cents

PCGS Precious Metals Forum

Precious Metals / Bullion Dealers
Bullion Direct
DBS Coins
Gainesville Coins
Gaithersburg Coin
Golden Eagle Coin
Gold Dealer
Liberty CPM Added 5 APR 13
MCM or moderncoinmart
Monarch Precious Metals
Northwest Territorial Mint
Only Gold
Panda America
Provident Metals
Quality Silver Bullion
Scottsdale Precious Metals
SilverTowne L.P.
The Royal Mint
Westminister Mint

Central Mint of China
Perth Mint
Pobjoy Mint
Royal Canadian Mint
Untied States Mint

Lists / Misc
Coinflation (90% coin values)
List of World Mints (Information and Links)
Mints of the world (Information and Links)
Gold Shark (Price Comparison)
Gold Bullion Coins Specifications

356 Sites listed and counting...


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