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James Buchanan autograph

I'm abotu to pose a stupid question here.

A friend of mine has an autograph of James Buchanan - the prez, signed onto a document regarding a land grant to soldiers in Missouri-

it has not been authenticated yet, but, if it is truly his sig while as a sitting President- what kind of value would this be today?

A rough idea is ok.

I'm a coiner- not a sig guy- so bear with me on my stupidity.


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    Search James Buchanan on this site and use "Titles and Descriptions" and about 15 past auctions should come up....that should give you an idea about the value
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  • I thank you from the bottom of my heart- I never knew this site existed!
  • James Buchqaanan land grants have secreterial signatures...all presidential land grants after Jackson's 2nd term do.

    One of Buchanan's secretaries "copied" the style of Buchanan's signature on the land grants, though the signature is HUGE on the secretary's signature on those land grants, and on close inspection, is close to Buchanan's, but no cigar.
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