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Winner Getting close to 2000 posts--Time for an another giveaway!1936 VF and 31-s (partial date) Buf

OK--here's the giveaway--guess the time and date of my 2000th post and you get an 1936 Buffalo nickel (postage paid) in around VF--not worth a lot ($2?) but nice to have for free. EDIT: Just decided to sweeten the deal with a partial date 31-S (another $10?) I'm currently at 1995. Closest to date and time wins. These are fun. No edited posts!

The Winner is SmokinJoe925's 1/13 9:30 guess before my post at 7:30 is the winner. They moved this from the coin forum to this board which isn't near as much fun but so what!! Thanks to everyone who participated! Bill
Curmudgeon in waiting!


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