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Looking to trade US mint and used for other US

I'm looking for people to trade my duplicate US stamps with. I have MNH, MH, and used from old to new. I'm trying to fill my empty USA spots by trading my duplicates. I like to work with want/have lists to avoid receiving even more duplicates. I can e-mail my list of duplicates available to trade and my want list. I'll also consider trading some of my duplicate US stamps for early foreign airmails (approximately before 1945). So drop me a line if you're interested.

Dave N.


  • ad4400ad4400 Posts: 2,037 ✭✭✭✭✭

    What I have available to trade with is mostly 1940 - 1970's mint sheets and plate blocks and also what appears to be a good deal of foriegn (including the airmails pre 1945). I'm still going through the process of inventorying this material (from an iheritence that fills a suitcase +). I could see myself trading to add needed stamps. I was originally thinking of updating 1940,s 50s, and 60s since it seemed fair to trade for like material. If any of this sounds interesting send me a PM
  • AD4400,

    I tried to PM you. Did it go through? Please let me know by a reply to this thread if it did or not so I can re-try if needed.

    Dave N.
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