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1905 Micro O barber dimes Undervalued???

I began to ask this question when I saw a PCGS F15 on ebay an the current bid price was over 150 dollars and the person put false population stats with the item description.
PCGS F15 on feebay

He said the finest known example graded by PCGS was a single AU50 and this is the coin I currently own. The information is wrong because at the FUN sale there was a MS 65 which went for $12,650 and PCGS shows one higher (???don't have access to pop. reports).
PCGS MS 65 $12,650

When looking at the PCGS Price guide I noticed that the Prices are as followed: F-$46 EF-$164 AU-$325

If the ebay coin is going for triple the Fine Price and the MS 65 is going into 5 figures, What do you think is the Value of the PCGS AU50 when there is just 2 higher and nothing in between it and the MS 65.



    The 1905 micro o Barber dime is a geeat rarity and very collectable because it is avalable in all grades circ and unc.

    An ms 62 sold in the Frog Run collection in Baltimore this year for $2,000 plus the juice.I believe collectors universe price guide is very low and should bring alot more than their prices in auction.

    I compare the 1905 micro o dime to the 1892 micro o half dollar.

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    The current PCGS population on this coin is 6 in all grades. (at least as of this morning)
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    Owning both the 1905-Micro O (NGC AU58) and the 1892-Micro O (PCGS AU55), I can tell you that the 05-O was alot easier to locate and far less expensive !

    Edited to update info on the 92-Micro O
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  • dpooledpoole Posts: 5,940 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Can somebody put up a reference or a pic, showing the difference between a 1905-O and a 1905 Micro O?


    The o for the 1905 micro dime is the same size as the 1892 micro o half dollar.It is the size of the o used for the Barber quarter.The regular o for the dime and the half are the same size.For a photo go to the Heritage archive from the Hugon sale.

  • The F15 went for $296.11. That is almost what I paid for my AU50. WOWimage
  • dpooledpoole Posts: 5,940 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Thanks very much for the reference and info, Stewart! image
  • So I see this thread is over 10yrs old. I have been buying 05 micro O's for over 2yrs. I have 95. The best is a xf45 CAC PCGS coin. I have 4 xf coins and 23 vf coins, 7 F15 slabbed. And the rest are ag-vg.

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    I bought a few wonderful micros in 10-20 range raw, had the graded and they sold well. A very underrated coin IMHO.

    Later, Paul.
  • QBertQBert Posts: 311 ✭✭✭

    I’ve been trading up for years on this date and am currently at xf45. Would like to eventually get a BU one (pcgs graded of course)

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