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Questionable Questionable Designations (NGC Altered Color)

Soooo... I have a bone to pick with the current grading regime. A few times in the past few years I have submitted coins with interesting or attractive toning, only to get them knocked back in a body bag or with a vote of no-confidence like this one. Now, I am all for cleaning house and not giving undue credit to people's chemistry projects. But this was from and old-time collection that nobody screwed with. It's one of the most drop-dead gorgeous coins, even in the holder I've had some good offers. I offer it up as a case study. The reply from NGC was that it was inspected by three graders and a chief grader and I can resubmit it if I'm not happy with the outcome. What can we do about this in the profession, aside from buying the coin and not the holder? I'm putting this in my show case without a price tag to help educate the public about the limitations of third-party grading.


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    Can we see a picture of the reverse?

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    That really is a questionable grade IMHO. Sorry you're going through this, nice looking IHC.

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    The problem you ran into is "market acceptability." Not all naturally toned, copper is acceptable. It can be very frustrating in cases where the submitter knows where their coin has been for the last forty or so years.

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    Given the obv damage, I'm thinking AT was applied to conceal the original surface state. IMHO

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