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A BUNCH OF MORGAN VAMS FOR SALE - Including Ultra Rares: 1878 7tf V123 and 1878 8tf V14.16


I recently joined ebay, and I have a ton of VAMs which I am looking to sell. They are priced reasonably, and they vary from common top 100s to ultra rare 1878 vams.

There is an 1878 8tf Vam 14.16 Wild Lips in AU+ slider for $1,878 or best offer: https://www.ebay.com/itm/335268992479?itmmeta=01HRDH3DZ30JJP8QY4XAQDDSAK
There is an 1878 7tf Vam 123 Spiked eye (Rarest 7tf Vam) in XF for $1,650 or best offer: https://www.ebay.com/itm/335287939777?itmmeta=01HRDH3DZ370ZBRP5HMEBT56HP
There's an 1878 8tf Vam 9 First Die Pair in XF+ for $550 or best offer: https://www.ebay.com/itm/335287934999?itmmeta=01HRDH3DZ36W3QKYM78MNKHHQ3
And 25+ other listings, with more being added as they come in!

Check it out :)

Thank you!


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    zCelestiuszCelestius Posts: 5
    edited March 15, 2024 2:09PM

    New Uploads:
    1887/6 P Morgan Silver Dollar in AU Vam 2 Top 100 for $179.99 or best offer
    1887/6 O Morgan Silver Dollar in AU Vam 3 Top 100 for $205.99 or best offer
    Multiple 1879 S Reverse of 1878 Morgan Dollars, varying grades
    1866/1866 Shield Nickel FS 302 in F Details for $299.99 or best offer
    1900 O/CC Morgan Silver Dollar Vam 11 in XF for 168.99 or best offer
    1887 DDO FS 101 Snow 1 Indian Head Cent in VF25 Details ANACS for 199.99 or best offer

    Upcoming Uploads:
    1883/2 FS 305 Shield nickel getting uploaded after grading
    1900 O/CC Vam 7 Getting graded
    1900 O/CC Vam ? Getting graded
    1878 S Prooflike Mid-High Mint State getting uploaded after grading

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