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Ira and Larry Goldberg Auctioneers

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Larry Goldberg and his company are the biggest crooks in the WORLD!!!! I sent them some GRADED CURRENCY, so there was no grey area here. They gave me reserve prices. Then ONE DAY before the auction, Larry called me and said the reserve prices were too high and that I needed to reduce them RIGHT NOW because his customers would not buy them. I told him that we had agreed on the reserve’s months ahead of time and that it was not my problem. He said things change and that I needed to reduce the reserve. I told him to take them out from the auction. He told me he had already printed the catalogue and they had to proceed. So, I had to reduce the reserves on the spot. NOT GOOD. When the notes sold, he sold them for even LESS THAN THE NEW AGREED PRICING. When I called to tell him he owed me more money, HE SAID "TOO BAD!". He then said to go ahead and sue me. He said this has happened before and "THAT I WOULD LOSE AND HE WOULD WIN" AND HUNG UP THE PHONE!!! What a jerk. When I received the unsold notes back one of the notes had a huge rust spot on the holder. (see picture) This note was part of a matched set of ten notes. He refused to get the note re-holdered. So I had to pay another $100 to get it re-holdered. SO I LOST EVEN MORE MONEY!!!!

He sold some very high graded notes in PMG 69 condition, which is one step from perfection. They were all sold WAY UNDER the reserve. I called him immediately and told him I wanted the notes back. He told me "the only way to get the notes back was to buy them back. He put me in touch with the buyer from the auction. This guy wanted 5 times what they sold for!!!! So once again, I got screwed by goldberg auction. After all was said and done, I LOST MOENY WITH THESE CON ARTISITS!!!!! They have a great site and talk a good game. BUT RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN FROM THIS RIP OFF COMPANY!!!!!!!!! If you like losing money, they do it better than anyone.



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    I have had issues with the house as well... very different but .. have not done business with them sense.

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    Stinks if it went down as described. Who knows if we’ll see the OP here again (at least not under that account). It was created less than a week ago and only has one visit and one post. I would have lost if someone had bet me that the mods wouldn’t have poofed this thread by now given the forum rules.

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