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Got Back One I Regretted Letting Go Of - $10 Liberty

PhilLynottPhilLynott Posts: 881 ✭✭✭✭✭

This thread popped up last year: https://forums.collectors.com/discussion/comment/13511106#Comment_13511106 about coins you regret selling and I only had one which I posted there. Well was scrolling GC's email Friday and did a double take when I got to this one and yada yada yada it's coming back to me.

It's probably a technical 65+ with contact marks but none are distracting and the eye appeal more than makes up for it. Has fantastic luster which shines through the original skin there's a reason Simpson chose it as his 1901 example in his $10 typeset. Very happy to be bringing it home again and will be a perfect type example for the 12 coin gold set I'm going to slowly put together again.

Full journey of this coin for me. Bought from HA November 2020 for $3,360, sold on GC July 2022 for $4,068 ($3,616 + fees), rebought again from GC for $4,600 ($4,100 + fees) last night. So I paid a bit of an idiot tax for selling and rebuying but happy nonetheless.

Anyone have similar luck with one they regretted letting go of?


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