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ebay seller(s) cancelling winning bids

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I must admit to getting more bothered than is probably merited, were it not the 2nd win in a row a seller has cancelled after being the winning bidder. Most recently I won with seller's opening bid of $600 (vs seller BIN of $1.2K and last auction result of around $900) for a 17-D buff 3.5 leg variety in PCGS55. Seller went through the exercise of taking payment and creating a shipping label before cancelling the order and refunding me. What makes this instance seem particularly underhanded is that the seller "User XXXXXX01" tucked tail, closed that ebay user ID, and is now listing his materials under ID "User XXXXXX02".

Seems to be a very dishonest way to conduct ones' affairs. If a seller isn't prepared to accept X $, list it as a pure BIN, list with higher opening bid, ect.

As for the other occurrence it was seller "User XXXXXX03", winning bid of $100 on a raw 35-S WLH, which was a gamble on some bad pics and a no return policy, maybe dodged a bullet there.

I could see if a BIN was listed by accident and the seller openly communicated about the error. That has also happened to me, and I am much more understanding of an error when creating a listing, compared to an auction that closes on less well terms for the seller, then seller reneging on their end of the deal. Am I alone on this?


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    In nearly 20 years of ebay purchases I have had 4 instances of canceled orders. This year 2 so far, both coins were cherry picks and did not discuss either with any forum or person. I imagine the seller realized the variety and cancelled. Don't really blame them, but also have had to cancel more purchases due to either not same coin as listed or damage not shown in photos in the last year than in the whole 20 years combined. I imagine with the number of sellers it is unpreventable. At least no funds lost.

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    This thread is essentially a breach of forum rules

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    Users Names have been removed so post is now a warning to other users and not a violation of forum rules.

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    @PCGS_Moderator said:
    Users Names have been removed so post is now a warning to other users and not a violation of forum rules.

    User names are still in the title.

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    I won an auction for a war in the pacific W quarter for $10 recently. I paid for the item and ebay stated shipped the next day. Then I get an order cancelled and refunded. However, the same coin was relisted by the seller with the price of $13 to start. Some are desperate to get every dollar they can.

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