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Thursday at Long Beach

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Light turnout due to AM rains. Some major dealers normally there were absent. That said, an advantage was my ability to speak with dealers I like because they had more time to spend with me. Saw some neat coins. A 1903 proof set, grades ranging from PF 65 to PF 68. Am seeing more MS and PF 68s. Hardly ever saw them five years ago. You can draw your own conclusions.

Saw a 2 leaf 1795 Flowing Hair Dollar in MS 61 with original skin. All there for the grade, not flashy enough for a higher grade.
Saw one in 53 that wasn't quite there, and one which was net graded from either MS 55 to MS 58 to MS 50 due to a cleaning. Saw a flawless 1813 Classic Large Cent in MS 65 that was all there for the grade. Saw a number of MS 65 and MS 66 Capped Bust Halves. One 66 had original skin. A number of Heraldic Eagle Dollars were at the Heritage Auction.

A guy had a roll of raw 1935 P Buffalo Nickels on display for sale. Worst of the lot looked MS 65. Was tempted to buy it, let it sit in the safe deposit box for five years, take it out and see what it was worth. Passed because it's not what I collect.

Waiting for the six rolls of early Lincoln Memorial Cents that went in for grading a month and a half ago to come back. All RD, may have some 7s in there. We'll see.

Tom Reynolds had the misfortune to have a roof leak over his space. Other that, he's fine. If you have an old copper to b evaluated, or want to buy one, he's the person to see.

Several different dealers I respect told me the same thing re the current state of grading. Interesting.

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"Seu cabra da peste,
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