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Collectors are old. Who are we going to sell to when the time comes?

I just attended a three day National Stamp Expo. I did not see one person under 20. I could count on both hands the number of people between twenty and thirty! Most people there including dealers were over fifty and I'll bet the majority of that group were 60+. At least the Boy Scouts were at the FUN Show.

No one under forty is in my coin club either! Young people are not interested in stamps or coins. :(


  • GoldFinger1969GoldFinger1969 Posts: 1,165 ✭✭✭✭
    edited February 11, 2024 8:22AM

    I think this is a fair comment and one I have discussed on other Forums.

    No doubt there is a demographic headwind, but it is not as bad as for stamps. Still, today's Gen Z and Millenials are more into BitCoins than Gold Coins ! :D

    I think you have to separate the coin hobby into 2 main branches: the precious metals coins (gold and silver, like Saints and Morgans)...and the pure numismatic coins where 99.9% or more of the price is not related to face value (Barbers, Standing and Seating coins, etc.). The former have somewhat of a floor for many of the coins which are bullion or quasi-bullion. I think the market for the latter could be much much tougher going forward. To an extent, you had a bear market in those coins from 2010-2020.

    Look at the pricing and demand throughout the decades for the MCMVII HR...so many buyers and holders of this coin are not coin collectors. A good example of what happens when the coin hobby has non-traditional parties involved; will we see the flip side for coin types where there is no outside or new interest in coming years ?

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