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Most none core but appealing to me:

1873-A France. Third Republic (1870-1940) 5 Francs. Paris Mint. 37mm. DAV-92. Gad-745a. Le Franc 334. KM-820.1. Obv: LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE. Hercules standing facing between Liberty and Equality. Rev: REPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE. Denomination and date within laurel-wreath. Superbly toned piece, with exceptional luster and dripping colors. PCGS MS-67.

1620 Italian States. Guastalla. Ferrante II Gonzaga (1575-1630) Tallero. Engraver: Luca Xell. DAV-3913. Bignotti 13. Varesi 371/3 (R). CNI 79. ENH 43. Ravegnani M.18. Bellesia 60/B. KM-44. Obv: Armored and draped bust right with Spanish collar; the collar of the Golden Fleece hangs on his chest. On the sides of the field, 16-20 and below, in the circule a monogram. Rev: Coat of arms crowned and loaded with shield in the center, on the sides, two bows. An attractive example of this RARE highly collectible crown-sized issue of Italy. Ferrante II Gonzaga was count of Guastalla (later duke) and head of the junior branch of the Gonzagas, whose senior head was duke of Mantua. His attempts to seize Mantua after the death of the duke there in 1627 set off the War of the Mantuan Succession between France and Austria, both already contestants in the Thirty Years War. The counts of Guastalla (near Mantua) received the coining right from Emperor Carlo V in 1557. NGC AU-58 (Image doesn't do this coin justice)

Thanks for selling it to me @bidask

1659 Denmark. Frederik III (1648–1670) Krone. Copenhagen Mint. DAV-3576; KM-194.5. Commemorating the repulsion of the Swedes and the breaking of the siege at Copenhagen. Obv. Crowned monogram upon mound. Rev. Manus Dei (Hand of God) emerging from clouds to left, severing hand emblematic of the Swedish king, which reaches toward Danish crown. A very popular and interesting issue. Aged to a deep clay hue with scattered charcoal and blue-gray accents throughout. A popular and highly historical type - the finest of its kind thus far encountered. NGC MS-64.

Ex. Jean Elsen Auction 91 (March 2007, Lot 1207). From the Cape Coral Collection of European Crowns, Heritage Signature Auction #3089 (January 21, 2021 Lot 30074)

Thanks for selling it to me @bidask

1784 Belgium. Luik (Liège). Bishopric. Sede Vacante (30 April–17 August 1784) Patagon. AR Daalder – Écu (48 sols) au St. Lambert (40mm, 27.86g, 6h). DAV-1590. Vanhoudt G1364. Delm-489. Dengis 1192. Mignolet 304.KM-176. Struck towards the end of the Bishopric period in Liege, with only Sede Vacante issues struck from 1763 onward. Obv: Mitred bust of St. Lambert l facing left. Rev: Crowned and mantled Liege coat of arms within cartouche. Dated 1784. Obv: Mitred bust of St. Lambert left. Rev: Crowned and mantled coat-of-arms. Rare with a mintage of 150. NGC MS-62 PL.


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