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Research and ID - Mickey Mantle Edition

I happened upon this searching eBay today. Yes, I know that they’re not the only company to ever make a mistake but this one’s definitely a mistake. The date and the name of the issue are both wrong.

The correct name and dates for this would be the 1969-70 NYY MLB Framing Pictures

Here’s a 1969 sealed package (Note the date, not mine):

Here’s the six cards listed on the pack:

Here’s a sealed 1970 (Note the date, this one is mine).

As you can see, there’s two years to the set with 10 cards common to both 12 cards sets. After scrutinizing the rosters, it seems that is that the pairing of Mickey Mantle (retired ‘68) and Joe Pepitone (left Yankees in ‘69) that were replaced by Thurman Munson (rookie call up in 1969, opening day player in 1970) and Curt Blefary (joins Yankees - from Houston - for the 1970 season) for the 1970 set.

Here’s all fourteen cards:

I suppose, for perfect accuracy, you could date Mickey and Joe Pep 1969 and Munson and Blefary 1970 with the rest tagged as 1969-70 though 1969-70 would cover all in the set with one date.

So if you find one out there, just know it’s not 1967 and not team issued…

…and good luck out there!

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