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2023 Morgan with minor doubling and a slice of humble pie.

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Update: I sent photos to coinworld of theses coins and I will post the reply as I “eat a slice of humble pie” I learned something new and interesting and I am glad to spread the knowledge.

“This appears to be bi-directional machine doubling. On the areas of highest relief (representing the "original" digits), some of the numbers are reduced in width in the north-south direction. This wouldn't be the case with a doubled die. The edges of the numbers show marginal shelving, which is characteristic of machine doubling.
Machine doubling can manifest in as many as three directions on the same face.
Mike’s explanation means the doubling occurred during the striking process, not in the manufacturing of the dies.”
Mike is Mike Diamond of Coinworld

Just opened my two Morgans, one looks flawless, the other had a small scratch on the base of the neck.
Looking closer there is minor die doubling on the date and some stars. It is not mechanical/strike doubling as there is no flat shelf. Pics were hard to capture the minor doubling. Doubling shows along the top of numbers and stars
Update: closer photos showed clear minor doubling on some letters too.


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