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Fake Star Wars PSA 10 auction

captfischcaptfisch Posts: 115 ✭✭✭
edited July 10, 2023 10:08AM in Trading Cards & Memorabilia Forum

Please see this auction: 134646982139

I don't have a big problem with the 'novelty' PSA 10 #207 as it is listed as a reprint and the cert number
is the original release date of Star Wars. The cert actually links to a PSA 9 basketball card.

My problem is with the fake PSA 10 #1 Luke Skywalker. The cert number is for a real PSA 10 Luke card.
The last one of these sold for $55k. Anybody that buys it can send in a picture of the front and back and
yank it from whoever really owns it. They can then make a pretty lucrative fraud sale before the actual owner
may even discover the swipe. Real owner can get it reinstated back with pictures with no loss, but someone
could get really screwed.

Any thoughts?


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