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Opinions on this 1912 Lincoln Cent please

anablepanablep Posts: 4,982 ✭✭✭✭✭

Hi all, happy Independence Day.

I'm thinking of purchasing this coin below. It is raw, offered as gem, BU for around $130.00.

I'd like some honest assessments about it before I decide. I'm aware of some dirt around the date, but other than that, it looks nice to me. Maybe some friction on the high points of the obverse.

Thoughts on originality, color, grade, etc.? And yes, it is hard to grade a coin by a picture on a monitor. First impressions is all I'm looking for here, thank you!!

Always looking for attractive rim toned Morgan and Peace dollars in PCGS or (older) ANA/ANACS holders!

"Bongo hurtles along the rain soaked highway of life on underinflated bald retread tires."



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