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Toned MS 22 no D Lincoln completes my set

TrampTramp Posts: 613 ✭✭✭✭✭

My MS basic Lincoln Cent set primarily resides in two Dansco albums 8100 & 8104, except for 6 key & semi key dates still in their holders. Minimum grades are MS64 RB to RD.

Until this past week the last hole in my set was the 1922 no D. Now that I have the coin in hand I'm comfortable stating it looks just as amazingly nice as the TV.
I'm not a collector of toned coins, but this one spoke to me. The strong strike and details, IMO, are better than higher graded coins I've looked at. The toning might be playing a part in adding dimension.
It isn't RD or RB but I'm just as excited to add this super piece to round out my set:

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My current Registry sets:
✓ Everyman Mint State Carson City Morgan Dollars (1878 – 1893)
✓ Everyman Mint State Lincoln Cents (1909 – 1958)
✓ Morgan Dollar GSA Hoard (1879 – 1891)


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