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New Book - 'By Weight, Not by Coyne - An Introduction to Chopmarked Coins'

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This is just the third major publication dedicated to chopmarks, after F. M. Rose's Chopmarks (1987) and Colin Gullberg's Chopmarked Coins - A History (2014). It covers the general history of silver's use in China, the emergence of global trade networks based on the silver trade, and discusses hundreds of different types used in Southeast Asia, including the historical context, rarity ratings, and prior auction appearances.

By Weight, Not by Coyne - An Introduction to Chopmarked Coins
W. Taylor Leverage

As the world opened up in the Age of Discovery, new trade routes were drawn across oceans, establishing the first truly global commercial networks. Luxury goods from China, European governments, and new trading powerhouses came together to lay the foundations for modern-day corporations and international politics. At the heart of this commercial revolution was silver, the only means of exchange that found acceptance at every port - massive quantities of the metal, taken from the Spanish American colonies and ports across the world, became the lifeblood of commerce around the globe, particularly in China itself.

Much of the silver that made its way to Southeast Asia bears marks of its time spent there - chop marks, private countermarks indicating acceptable silver content. Long dismissed by many collectors as simple damage, chop marks have since gained a much more consistent following as artifacts of trade, and both the diverse range of host types and the unique histories associated with them - both of which are found in this book - make them a fascinating area for collectors.

Featuring more than 300 images, By Weight, Not by Coyne explores the history of foreign silver in China and the coins that were actually used in trade, covering more than 35 countries and hundreds of types. The commercial and political context of each type is paired with rarity ratings and auction appearances, which makes the book a useful tool to both the researcher and the collector in this traditionally overlooked area of trading history.

269 pages
ISBN: 9798378776290

For more information, or to order, see: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C79L8GCT.


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    Picked up a copy. Great book well worth the money!!!

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