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Metal Detector Dude Goes Treasure Hunting At Closed Ski Resort Story by Ian Wood • Yesterday 2:18 PM

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It’s no secret that people lose a lot of random things at ski resorts. This leads to some prime videos in the offseason where explorers find lost passes, electronics, and equipment. YouTuber R Dogg Treasure Hunter recently explored Big White Ski Resort, using metal detectors to locate some sunken treasures. One thing that’s appealing for treasure seekers about ski resort exploration is that since they were lost in the snow, they’re not very difficult to find compared to much more challenging spots like beaches.
He ended up finding a $100 bill, which is pretty incredible due to the money being stuck in the snow for a long time. Some of the other finds include an AirPod, coins, and zippers. The video from R Dogg is below.

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