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Richard Beale of Roma Numismatics Arrested for Falsifying Provenance on $4.2m Brutus EID MAR Aureus

Link to article: https://observer.com/2023/03/exclusive-uk-auction-house-director-arrested-for-4-1-million-roman-coin-fraud/

"Alongside Italo Vecchi, an Italian coin dealer who works at Roma Numismatics as a consultant specialist, Beale allegedly falsified the record of ownership for two coins which sold at auction in 2020, according to a complaint filed in New York criminal court. Vecchi and Beale could not be reached for comment.

Between 2013 and 2014, Vecchi allegedly sold two rare coins to Beale without provenance. One of these is known as an “Eid Mar” coin, referring to an ancient Roman gold coin minted in 42 B.C. to celebrate the assassination of Julius Caesar on March 15 of 44 B.C., commonly referred to as the Ides of March. The other item, referred to as the “Sicily Naxos” coin, was created in 430 B.C. in the Greek colony of Naxos on Sicily, and is one of the “rarest and most prized ancient coins in the world,” according to the complaint."


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