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Need some help with some vintage boxing cards. Hassan (1910 Champions T-218), Ringside, Leaf Sanella

gameusedhoopgameusedhoop Posts: 3,503 ✭✭✭

I just picked up a small assortment of boxing cards and I have some questions about authenticity and whether they are reprints or not.
3 Hassan Cigarettes cards (1910 Champions T-218), they seem thinner than most cards, almost like a playing card. Is this correct?
1951 Ringside, pretty confident in this being good. Shadow on back is from my phone
1948 Leaf Dempsey. Not a marked reprint, seems OK ? Shadow on back is from my phone
Sanella, paper thin...is this correct?


  • milbrocomilbroco Posts: 2,709 ✭✭✭

    All the cards look good except I have no idea about the Sanella's as I have never seen them before. Also I have never seen the black and white photo.

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  • gameusedhoopgameusedhoop Posts: 3,503 ✭✭✭

    The B&W is exactly what is says, apparently they were in "Boxing News" magazines. There are a few on ebay. The Sanella are more known for the Babe Ruth, but I have no experience with that either except for the pictures.

    Thanks for checking out the others for me. Anything big 4 related I'm pretty good on, but I haven't handled any of these in the past.

  • AFLfanAFLfan Posts: 1,272 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes, the Sanellas are very thin. I'm not an expert, but I'd say yours are good.

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  • gameusedhoopgameusedhoop Posts: 3,503 ✭✭✭

    Thanks AFLfan. Nothing leads me to believe anything from the group that I got isn't good, but I just like to do the due diligence thing so it seems like I know what I am doing.

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