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Phoenix ANA Money Show Report

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The adventure started off Tuesday morning in Northern California. Roughly 800 miles and about 14 hours later I was snuggling tightly into my Phoenix area accommodations. It was a perfectly boring and uneventful drive, just how I like them. Wednesday was spent catching up with some friends that live in the area.

Thursday started with breakfast at Oink Cafe just northwest of Phoenix proper. An excellent Denver Omelet topped off with a flight of 8 different types of bacon got me fueled for the day. It also made my arrival to the show a bit later than planed but it was worth it. I pulled into the parking garage just after 10am and immediately proceeded to the wrong building. After being directed by the convention center help desk to the correct building I got my ANA member pass and strolled through the doors a bit before 10:30. There was very little waiting in line to get the pass and no waiting at all to get through the doors into the bourse. I wish I could tell you if the entry was packed as they opened the doors but it wasn't meant to be this time. This was by far the biggest show I've been to since a similar show in Denver that had to have been close to 15 years ago now. It was beautiful. The traffic inside was good but not what I would call crowded by any means, but it was early. The show really got cooking after the morning and for most of the day I found I had to wait at most of the tables to squeeze in and get a viewing. I did see quite a bit of nice bullion products, both gold and silver. There had to be a half dozen or so tables that had several cases filled to the brim with both modern and vintage bullion. The only two pieces I had to think hard about to not purchase were two vintage 1/2 Kilo struck Johnson Matthey bars. These bars are super cool and not something you come across every day. The dealer knew that though and priced them accordingly at $1400 each. Too rich for my blood, at least while I'm on a numismatic hunt anyway.

The first table I went to was The Penny Lady to see Charmy. I'd been to her table at several shows but never managed to introduce myself or really engage. Fixed that this time and had a good few minutes hanging out with the nicest lady in the hobby. It was a pleasure meet her finally.

Next up was DLRC. They brought a coin to the show for me to view that I'd emailed them about a week or so prior. The online photographs were nice but in this instance I felt it would be better off to see this one in hand. Once I had it under my loupe I was convinced this was the 1815/2 50¢ for my box of 20 collection. It's a PCGS VF20 CAC. Luckily for me they were interested in some of what I had to trade which made the out of pocket cash expenditure small enough that I still felt like I could wreak some havoc the rest of the day.

Next I managed to complete my PCGS Silver Ike set at the Select Rarities table. They had the last three I needed (71-S, 73-S & 74-S) in 69DCAM. They had two of them in 70DCAM but I just can't justify that price tag for Ike's. Managed to walk away with the three 69's for a song and a smile.

Americana Rare Coin's table provided the next pick up. A crusty CircCam 1924-D Buffalo in PCGS VF25 that fits perfectly into the set. Picked this one up via trade with a bit of cash coming my way in addition. That felt good and helped keep some powder dry for later on.

My next fun moment was when I made it to Old Pueblo Coin's table. This is the Tuscon based B&M coin shop owned by "Ben the Coin Geek" on YouTube. I've watched his videos for nearly 4 years so it was super cool to meet him and talk for a bit. He's as nice and accommodating as one would think from watching him on video. He even came around the table so I could snap a selfie with him LOL. I wish he had something in his inventory I needed but it wasn't meant to be this time. Was really great getting to meet him.

Some cold refreshments and a short break at the tables provided next to the snack area reinvigorated the feet. Back to the business at hand, I ended up at Black Eagle Coin & Currency where I was bemoaning the lack of 1856-S and 1857-S Double Eagles in circulated grade. He smiled at me and said something to the effect of "...you mean like this one?" as he pointed down into his case. Bam! There was a spectacular 57-S $20 in PCGS XF45 staring up at me. He knew it was sold, I knew it was sold, it was just a matter of making it official. Thankfully they liked one of my trade coins as well and I finished the deal by adding a modest amount of $.

My final victory of the show came about late in the day at West Coast Coins. They had a delicious 1872 2¢ in PCGS AU58 that I simply could not pass up. It joins the 1815/2 50¢ from the beginning of the show in the box of 20 collection.

I finished up the day looking at the display coins. The 1913 V Nickel was sweet and the 1797 10¢ in MS67 was mind blowing. The ladies at the PCGS table were incredibly helpful in taking my submission of a dozen or so coins that are going in for reholder/TrueView. Two of note that went in for TrueViews are the 1829 LM4 H10¢ Plate Coin and 1822 10¢ from the box of 20. I've really struggled getting good images of these two and am super excited to finally get the quality of photos that these coins deserve.


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