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Black Obsidian coated coins are DCAM?

I recently purchased a Black Obsidian finished 2 ounce silver Python coin from Palau that PCGS has graded as PF70DCAM. While I know this isn't an American coin, I'm trying to figure out how something grades as a PR70DCAM with NO reflective surfaces? DCAM is defined by PCGS as "brilliant proofs that display deep, even frosting on the devices of both sides of the coin." But, there doesn't seem to be an iota of frosting or reflectivity anywhere on the coin. So my question is, how can a coin like this be a PF70DCAM when it is doesn't seem to match the PCGS definition of DCAM? This seems to throw my interest in "grading" standards out the window. ;-)


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    Yeah it's black alright but if it's pretty much flaw free, and it's being marketed as ultra high relief proof. Grader made a decision.

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    If this is the coin, I agree with the assessment that this is NOT Dcam.

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    I think it has frost. Does it need to be reflective? I mean, a highly polished black surface won't visibly reflect but it has the same surface morphology as a mirror.

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    Is that a “rock solid “ grade ? 😂

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    It will be graded as to surface condition, taking into consideration that the surface is not plain metal. Finish and defects - basic criteria. Cheers, RickO

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    Thanks guys...................just kind of threw me for a loop. ;-)

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