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Heritage Auction...Please Share your Winnings from Saturday (2/25) and/or Sunday (2/26) Nights

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The sports card market continues to be strong with some incredible prices realized in both cards and unopened material. One catching my eye is a 1968 Mickey Mantle PSA-10 for $510,000! Another card, which seems undervalued (in all grades) and the set as well, is a 1953 Bowman Color Mickey Mantle PSA-8.5. As I post this thread...this undervalued Mickey Mantle stands at ~$60,000. Also...a 1968 Hank Aaron PSA-10 is at $174,000! And a 1-cent 1955 Topps Baseball Wax Pack PSA-7 is currently at $18,000!

Here is my lone win...the only lot on which I placed a bid. There are rough cuts along both edges...somewhat common for the issue and giving the appearance of a problem with the lower left corner...but zooming in it shows that it is due to the rough cut. I had owned a 1957 Mantle PSA-8.5...but sold it due to a grainy appearance to the image. This PSA-8 example has a much better image than that PSA-8.5 example (see below which I had owned).

Both 1957 Mantle images are from a Heritage Auction for comparison purposes. Here is also the same PSA-8 from PWCC receiving a PWCC-A designation. I know that collectors/investors do not like PWCCC...but I find that PWCC has it right most of the time when it tags a card with a designation meaning it is exceptional for the assigned grade. I do not take its designation for granted, of course...but I "pause" when I see such a designation to take a closer look.



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