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Lowest Price Ever Paid For a CAC Stickered PCGS Mint State Coin?

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I understand this post can clearly be interpreted as being best placed only on the BS&T (where it is listed), but due the the interesting concept of the post, perhaps it can be allowed. If the moderator feels it is inappropriate, please delete this post.

For my Lincoln Wheat DATE set, the last hole I had to fill was 1957. I wanted a coin graded MS67RD with a CAC sticker, preferably the lower cost 1957-D. After searching vigorously for over a year, NOTHING showed up in auction that fit the bill. As such, human nature took hold when I saw (and bought) a lovely 1957-D Lincoln graded “only” MS66RD, and no CAC sticker. A VERY inexpensive coin!

So while I waited for an upgrade to the MS67RD grade I wanted, along with a CAC sticker, I figured what the heck. I was sending a few coins to CAC, so I threw in this MS66RD Lincoln with an extra $16. Sure enough, it got stickered!

I got my MS67RD upgrade with a CAC sticker a short time ago, so the lovely but cheap MS66RD 1957-D Lincoln, now with a CAC, is up for auction at Great Collections. I had them start the bidding at only $1, and it is now at $8, lol. My guess is the final price on March 5th will only be around $35 or so. I believe this might potentially end up at a record low price paid for any problem-free attractive Mint State coin graded by PCGS with a CAC sticker.

Interesting tidbit - I just checked the GC Coin Auction Archive and the PCGS Auction Prices Realized - neither shows ANY 1957-D Lincoln Cent graded MS66RD by PCGS with a CAC sticker as having been auctioned. As such, whatever it sells for will set TWO records for that date and grade - the lowest price ever paid, and the highest price ever paid (according to their records), lol.

Here are GC’s photos for this GC Item ID 1324326:

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