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Romania 2005 Enescu 500 Lei

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I collect composer coins and many years ago I purchased an example of Romania 2005 500 Lei coin honoring the composer Enescu. It is the exact design of K-2006 but my "coin" is tombac, not gold. Does anyone have mintage numbers for this piece as I can't find any information on the tombac issue.

Wikipedia explains that tombac is: "a brass alloy with high copper content and 5–20% zinc content. Tin, lead or arsenic may be added for colouration. It is a cheap malleable alloy mainly used for medals, ornament, decoration and some munitions . In older use, the term may apply to brass alloy with a zinc content as high as 28–35%."

Is this a trial strike or is there a particular reason why it was produced?

Thanks very much.



  • Piano1Piano1 Posts: 233 ✭✭✭

    Oooops. In my description of the above Enescu tombac coin, I should have typed KM-206 as the gold equivalent to my Tombac coin. I'm sorry for my error. I am trying to determine the population of the 2005 Enescu tombac metal strike. Any help would be appreciated.


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    If the coin is supposed to be gold, but is actually brass, and there are no records of a brass striking of this coin, then I would suspect it's a counterfeit, rather than a genuine mint-issued coin.

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    Hello, Sapyx, and thanks so much for your thoughts on the Romanian 2005 George Enescu Tombac coin. Last Friday, I had to hit the bank for "weekend cash" so I pulled the coin out of my box. If you're curious, another collector replied to my inquiry on the Q and A section. Here's the coin: (I hope).



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