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The #3 All-Time Finest and #3 Current Finest Roosevelt Dime Full Band Basic Set Circulation Strike and Proof Silver Set (1946-1964) owned by Daniel D. Biddle will be auctioned by Great Collections beginning Sunday March 12, 2023. The 48-coin Full Band Circulation Strike set will be auctioned over a four-week period, 12 coins per week. The 15-coin Proof Silver Set will also be included in this four-week period, 4 coins per week. The entire 63-coin set has been pedigreed by PCGS (Daniel D. Biddle). The Full Band Circulation Strike set has also been given consecutive Certification Numbers by PCGS. The Full Band Circulation Set consists of SIXTEEN MS68FB coins, TWENTY-SIX MS67+FB coins, and SIX MS67FB coins. I have been building this set for many years, and it has reached the point where upgrades are almost impossible to find. For example, there are THIRTY-TWO coins (of the 48 in the Circulation Strike set), that are totally impossible to upgrade unless the owners of the current #1 and #2 sets decide to sell their sets. In addition, there are SEVEN dates/mint mark coins where there is only ONE coin that exists (that is not currently in the #1 or #2 ranked set) that would be an upgrade to my set.
Listed below are the coins included in Week 1 (of 4) of the Great Collection Auction ending on Sunday March 12, 2023:

1946 MS67+FB POP 19/5
1947D MS67+FB POP 15/5
1948S MS68FB TOP POP 11/0
1950 MS68FB TOP POP 7/0
1951D MS67+FB POP 36/8
1952S MS68FB TOP POP 9/0
1954 MS67+FB POP 10/1
1955D MS68FB TOP POP 5/0
1957 MS67+FB TOP POP 5/0
1959 MS67+FB POP 15/1
1961 MS67FB POP 11/4
1963 MS67FB POP 9/2

1950 PR67DCAM POP 13/8
1954 PR67DCAM POP 5/2
1958 PR69DCAM TOP POP 9/0
1962 PR69DCAM TOP POP 68/0

All of the coins are currently listed on the Great Collection Auction Site, the Week #2 Auction ends on Sunday March 19, 2023.
The Week #3 Auction ends on Sunday March 26, 2023.
The Week #4 Auction ends on Sunday April 2, 2023.


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