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Grades and True views are up. Washington Quarters

My order went into grading 10/27 of last year and I had to use up my Regular voucher and picked these 4 coins.

First up is the 1940 D DDO 101 MS 63 total coins graded 9 with 7 of those MS. Picked off ebay.

Second coin up is the 1946 S/S found unattributed in a MS 67 Holder. There are 7 coins in MS 67 with only 1 better at 67+ and thought mine might get the + but they just don't care for blast white coins.

Third coin up is the 2nd 1951 D DDO 101 in MS 66 Top Pop that I have found. Another one picked off unattributed and will swap out this one for the one in my set already.

Fourth coin. This coin is the 1952 D DDO 101 in MS 64. This is the coin that pcgs informed me WAS NOT the DDO 101. After more than a few days having my order held and trying to explain to them that I am 100 percent sure it is the DDO they have still decided to ship the coin back to me UNATTRIBUTED.

I am totally disappointed in there getting this coin wrong and the other 3 right. Gave them the answers to the test and they still got one wrong. Told to try again and I have already contacted Dr. James Wiles and Hope a letter from an EXPERT will get the coin back in the right holder next time.

This thread has the exact same coin and true view that there now showing. I accept the fact that I cracked the coin out hoping for a higher grade but the DDO is still there. Thanks for looking.


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